Unicorn Brushes – Makeup Tool Review

Now I’m no makeup artist, most of what I know has been self taught after watching hours of tutorials on YouTube. But it seems that a lot of makeup looks are the result of great tools, most of which come in at £14 – £30 each (eeeek!).

So unwilling to part with that sort of money to apply the already expensive eyes shadow I’ve just had to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy i stumbled across these bad boys!

Yep…that’s right £7.89 for 10 brushes that look like unicorn horns. As soon as these arrived I got straight on it and smothered my face in whatever make up I could lay my hands on. Even though my make up technique may not be quite up there with the best, I knew it had been applied by brushes that made me feel like I poop rainbows and cry fairy dust! Heaven!

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