Summer Styling on a Budget

If you’re like me, your shopping wishlists are constantly being updated with beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes. Lets be honest, if I had bottomless funds, these pieces would be sat in my wardrobe and not on some App in Cyber space, but you can only dream! So, as it doesn’t look like i’ll be winning the lottery any time soon I thought I would share what I’m absolutely loving at the moment and pieces that won’t break the bank! I hope you like them too!

Cailing tie BikiniAvailable here.

Cross Bangles

Available here.

Elephant Culottes

Available here.

Ripped Shorts

Available here.

Flower dress

Available here.

flower heels

Available here.

Leopard print frill blouse

Similar available here.

Peach frill t-shirt

Available here.

green Satin Jacket

Available here.

High waisted skirt

Available here.

Please note these pictures have been taken off the websites directly.

3 thoughts on “Summer Styling on a Budget

  1. I like the flower print dress, metallic high-waist midi skirt and cross bangles you post. Metallic dress and bangles are shimmer. I can’t refuse the sparkling and glittering things.


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